Draft Beer 76: I Don’t Know What This Rash is

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2 Responses to Draft Beer 76: I Don’t Know What This Rash is

  1. PDXOR says:

    I ate two popsicles while watching the draft.

    The second Deputy of Acquittals was the correct choice; there was really nothing else for you in the pack.

    Species Gorger has issues, which you saw. Wayfaring Temple is kinda bad.

    I agreed with most of your picks, though. Was a solid draft.

    And then Bob! came… and there was another draft! Jeez, I’m gonna have to watch that one tomorrow.

    I’m so glad to see a Ravnica draft. I’ve been watching streamers, and all anyone drafts currently is M14, despite it being terrible.

  2. Top_Deck_King says:

    I found a new game!

    Watching draft beer with captions!. try it!

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