What was your name again?

In the spirit of things, I’ve completely rolled up a Good NPC party for the Random Encounter Chart. Randomized Race, Class, Personality Traits, Hit-Points (max at 1st level)…all the fun stuff from the Dungeon Masters Guide. So…any takers on fleshing them out further? **Spoilers if you are Bob, John, or George**

NPC Party – 7 Members (5 Members with 2 Henchmen)

  1. Human 4th level Cleric- Level-Headed — HP: 22
  2. Dwarf 2nd level Fighter/3rd level Cleric- Level-Headed — HP: 33
  3. Elf 2nd level Fighter/2nd level Mage- Mischievous — HP: 13
  4. Human 4th level Fighter- Irritable — HP: 31
  5. Human 3rd level Wizard- Articulate — HP: 9
  6. Human Henchman- Curious/Morale 15 — HP: 4
  7. Human Henchman- Violent/Morale 13 — HP: 3
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