D&D Classics…on the way!

Not sure if you’ve seen the last couple posts on our Facebook page or not, but the die hath been cast.  First up on the trip down memory lane is T1 Hommlet.  I think Bob is the only one to have actually run through the module (albeit like 25 years ago I’m guessing) so lets all steer clear of spoilers here.

I Finished the first random encounter table last night…praise Cuthbert how I’ve missed d12+d8! I’m adding the very same map here that I will be giving to them to use. You can totally follow along! It will be classic ‘Fog of War’ wilderness exploration…so much nostalgia that even Vecna would approve.

I’m totally going to be asking for some fan-made NPCs to drop in to the game…get some ready! Right off the bat I actually need a couple small NPC parties. One good party and one evil party for my random encounter chart. Probably anywhere from levels 1-5 at this point. Name, Race, Class, favored weapons…deity, spells prepared, any men-at-arms?…etc. Email a couple to me and I’ll find a use for em! haha its as close as legally allowed to being able to hit Bob with a Magic Missile as you can get!

For the sake of geography, at this point I’ll probably only be looking for Human, Elf, Dwarf, and possibly Half-Orc with about 80% weighted toward human.


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6 Responses to D&D Classics…on the way!

  1. Nick@Gend20 says:

    * Half-Elf is a likely race too! (Dark line on the map is a stream)

  2. PDXOR says:

    Let’s see if I can find my 2nd Ed. books…

    • Nick@Gend20 says:

      Its no big deal if you can’t find your books PDXOR. You don’t have to worry about being too edition specific (or stat specific for that matter). I will plug all that specific stuff in to save ya the trouble!

  3. Steve says:

    Groob, a half orc barbarian who is chaotic neutral and more than slightly insane. His weapon of choice is the great axe and uses hide armor made from the skin of his his toughest foes and closes relatives. In fact, on his right shoulder, he has his grandmothers face on it and will talk to it often asking “her” for advice. She seems to answer also because Groob will usually argue with “Nana” and then concede like a child that just got scolded. Groob has an intense hatred of Magic User’s calling them Dark Ones and will always target them first to the exclusion of anyone or anything. If he hears anyone speaking a language that he doesn’t understand, friend or foe, then he will automatically assume that it is a Dark One and will immediately break away from what he was doing even if it opens himself up to an attack of opportunity and go after the source of the language. Clerics are borderline only because Nana may say something to Groob before he goes off. As with most half orcs, he has low charisma and even lower intelligence but his strength and dexterity are well above average.

    • Nick@Gend20 says:

      haha…Groob is IN! Perhaps his fanatical hatred of Magic-Users and prowess in combat has attracted a few goblin followers of Demogorgon to serve as henchmen or men-at-arms?

      • Steve says:

        He would have followers, I agree. Not sure what he would make of them though. My guess is that he wouldn’t think much at all about them. If they were ok with Nana and didn’t do any Dark One chanting, I think he wouldn’t care. Hope he works in your NPC group. Can’t wait to read about it.

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