Streaming Draft Beer 67 – Come Make a Mistake with Us

The next episode of Draft Beer will be streamed live from the Generationd20 account on Twitch.Tv. Tune in on Wednesday, February 6th at approximately 9:00 pm (CST) to join us on the journey.

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5 Responses to Streaming Draft Beer 67 – Come Make a Mistake with Us

  1. johnymous says:

    Shooot, totally missed it. Awesome to see you have a twitch account though, I’ll have to make sure and try to catch a stream next time =]

  2. PDXOR says:

    Son of a bitch! I can’t believed I missed an opportunity to interact with you guys during an event!

    • Bob@Gend20 says:

      Don’t worry dude. We’ll be streaming Draft Beer from now on. Wednesday’s at 9pm Central time. It might just ruin Magic as we know it.

      • Monastral says:

        Is there a way to watch the streams after the fact? Work won’t be the same since I can’t watch the draft beer videos and I’m more often than not unavailable wednesday evenings to watch the stream.

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