Draft Diary vs. Angry BoB!

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2 Responses to Draft Diary vs. Angry BoB!

  1. Nick@Gend20 says:

    My deck was really just a terrible mess…Ok, so not as weird as yours John but not very pretty.

    The only real highlight was in G3…I used Traitorous Instinct as a combat trick to 2-1 a Centaur token and Golgari Longlegs by having a Hypersonic Dragon in play.

    • Commie Kirby says:

      did you record your end of the draft?

      Bob did well except for round 1. John should have just been GWB, it might have involved playing terrus wurm x2 and a cremate, but i feel it was better than the unfortunate mana base that you had to use.

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