Draft Beer 65: Tom Hanks, Paul Cheon, and LSV (SAGGRO!)

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10 Responses to Draft Beer 65: Tom Hanks, Paul Cheon, and LSV (SAGGRO!)

  1. Monastral says:

    nicely done fellas! I hope LSV or Cheon get to see your side of things one day. I also hope I don’t have to see anyone’s saagro

  2. PDXOR says:


    Love it when the good guys win the day.

  3. Commie Kirby says:

    Looks like GW wins again….

    I actually saw this when it was streamed, and they didn’t seem to know who they lost to.

    Centaur healer is my favorite non rare in rtr, and it pains me when people pass it.

  4. JustInItForTheChicks says:

    you guys beat LSV and Cheon? I’m pretty sure that’s a sign of the apocolypse. Nah, seriously great job guys congrates

    • JMatz says:

      I’m just glad we didn’t know going into the match, because I’m sure we would have psyched ourselves into defeat.

  5. JustInItForTheChicks says:

    on the plus side now if you ever seen those team pro tour douches again you’ll now have bragging rights. I’ll bet they never beat LSV

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