Draft Beer 64: Nightly Valor

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7 Responses to Draft Beer 64: Nightly Valor

  1. JustInItForTheChicks says:

    I figured it out.. your first round opponent stole all of your final round opponent’s painkillers.. that explains everything right?

  2. cookie666 says:

    I havent been in as much recently, was on vacay and the holidays and such but have to say: Bob, Daria called , she wants her glasses back

    • JMatz says:

      Thank you for taking shots at BoB!’s glasses instead of mine. I hope his rage will make its way to the comments section.

  3. Top_Deck_King says:

    Hey guys.

    Ypu should definatly get into streaming, would be a blast. We could co-host some draft and shit.

    Also i dunno why you couldnt watch my stream(www.twitch.tv/top_deck_king). Hopefully you get it fixed so you can watch.

    • JMatz says:

      For some reason, several of the streams won’t show on my iphone, but work on my laptop. I’m hoping to be near my computer the next time I see you go live.

  4. mars501 says:

    and this is what happens when everyone forces rakdos….. the azorious deck running around late made me sad

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