Warhammer’d Campaign — Night 05

Its better than a bedtime story from your ol’ Uncle Nurgle…its Warhammer’d!

I’m not sure WHY we didn’t record a video intro for this one, but I know we start again for Night 6. I think we had just decided to play after being crushed on Draft Beer, so it was already pretty late.

Anyway, we’ll pick things up right where we left off — with a Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 2e campaign run by Nick! The best part? George, John, AND BoB! are all together as the PCs!

Our intrepid adventurers begin their journey along an old trade road in Talabecland, West of Wiedebach…near the Farlic Hills.

Come get Warhammer’d with us!

Ich bin ein mutant.

Here’s the link to the FIRST NIGHT

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2 Responses to Warhammer’d Campaign — Night 05

  1. Top_Deck_King says:


    Love this shit!

  2. Commie Kirby says:

    So in other words, you DISARMED the ork?

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