Draft Diary, 11-27-12 – RtR 8-4 Failure and My M13 4-Booster Sealed Pool

Sometimes mythic rares lead us toward questionable deck choices.

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3 Responses to Draft Diary, 11-27-12 – RtR 8-4 Failure and My M13 4-Booster Sealed Pool

  1. Nick@Gend20 says:

    I’ve been trying to get a decent Grixis in draft myself John…whether thats Rakdos splash blue or Izzet splash black…doesnt really matter, but I keep having a hard time with mana too! I know it can’t just be the lack of a Dimir guildgate yet haha…I think the shuffler hates Grixis. Sucks that we didn’t get a chance to see anything really unfold.

    (haha…I don’t think I’m spoiling anything, since the title says FAIL)

  2. Kankles says:

    Holy shit two Nicol Bolas, if you recorded this I’d enjoy watching it, I hope there was at least one game in which you had one in play and one in the grave.

  3. Commie Kirby says:

    I read an article online that analyzed mtgo statistics on rtr drafts and it found the following:

    -Rakdos has a high vulnerability to being over-drafted(looks like this happened to you this time, what with the low amount of quality low drops), it recommends not going into it unless you have a good reason.

    -as many as 2 to 4 players are likely to force selesnia, making every one who does so to not have the critical mass of populate/token cards. GW is clearly the best, but don’t be afraid to jump ship if there is a good signal.

    -In pack one, sending a strong signal will deter the person on your left from playing/splashing any of your colours.

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