Draft Diary, 10-30-12 – RtR 8-4

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2 Responses to Draft Diary, 10-30-12 – RtR 8-4

  1. PDXOR says:

    That was a tough first pick. My preference would lean toward the Chemister, but it’s hard to pass up what is also a bomb… and mythic… and foil. Further considering the draft environment, there’s no guarantee you’ll end up playing your first pick, anyway.

    Getting the Collective Blessing and Smiter was great, though. Really cemented the angel as the correct choice.

  2. Commie Kirby says:

    Angel of serenity can target creatures in graveyards also. In one match you targeted his only two creatures on board and clicked ok. Your 3rd target should have been the golgari longlegs in your grave, so that you would get it back if your opponent somehow managed to kill the angel. Not that it made a difference tho.

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