“Angry Bob” Drafts M12

So…have at it. I might do one more M12 before I leap into #ISD.

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3 Responses to “Angry Bob” Drafts M12

  1. Matthew says:

    This was some good playing, anything you probably should have done you pretty much caught. I was really pulling for a win here if only to see more of “Angry bob”. Waited so long for a solo, it was sweet. Not that the others aren’t.

  2. JMatz says:

    I think the crucial errors came in game 1, not game 3. Even if you counter the crown, he would have killed your griffin with the act of treason. In game 1, trading your archon for his hellhound put you in a hole. On the bright side, you drafted better than we usually do.

  3. Robin (rwildernessr) says:

    Yep. G1 was the game that got away. I think your problems started when you decided to sit on your board with just bears in play and two counters in hand.

    However, I second JMatz in saying your draft was solid. Only major mistake was taking the illusionary dragon over the tapper.

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