Comic Review

The Walking Dead #75

Writer:  Robert Kirkman
Art:  Charlie Adlard
Gray Tones:  Cliff Rathburn
Publisher:  Image
Price:  $3.99

***<SPOILERS CONTAINED IN THIS ARTICLE.  Please read issue 75 before continuing on.>***

I knew this was coming.  I saw the hints that Kirkman was giving and expected this.  Even with all of that, I was still kind of surprised and had to set the comic down in the middle of reading it.

Gabriel ends up confessing to Douglas his doubts about the group he has lived with.  He says that Douglas doesn’t know what Rick and everyone is capable of and that Douglas should be scared.  Douglas kind of shrugs it off and let’s things stay the way they are.  Meanwhile, Rick has found out that a man named Pete is abusing his wife and no one in the town is doing anything about it.  Rick takes matters into his own hands and confronts Pete.  They end up fighting and Rick ends up pulling his gun on Pete and Douglas.

This whole issue builds up to the one panel of Rick pulling out his gun.  There are numerous panels leading up to this where characters are seen thinking, or looking back at someone.  Tension is built up in this town from no one saying what they are thinking.  And when Rick does lose it, you see a man at his breaking point.  In his mind, he is protecting the town.  He’s doing what he has to do, what he’s always done, to keep people safe.  But he’s doing things his way and not letting anyone else have an opinion.  I see so much of the Govenor in Rick’s face that it’s scary.  I knew someone was going to snap, but I honestly thought it was going to be Abraham.

This issue is amazing and leads to even more questions and new plot lines.  I warned there would be spoilers in this article because I mainly didn’t want to give away Rick’s scene.  There is something even bigger that happens on the last page, but I would rather talk about that after the next issue comes out.  For me, this issue was the most shocking because of Rick finally letting his feelings get the better of him.  Even though the last page is pretty good, I feel there it will mean even more in the next issue.

Nothing is ever as it seems in this world, but right now, things seem to be pretty black and white.

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