Magic: the Gathering Journal – My Very First Online ROE Draft Goes Well

I really enjoy drafting, but these ROE cards are going to take some getting used to. If you check out my decklist below, you’ll see my biggest flaw: too many expensive cards.

But I think I made up for it with my ability to slow down my opponent just enough to get the truly huge beasts out. Again, COMMENT! Let me know what you think, and how I can become a better player.

MTGO: ROE Booster Draft 4/3/2/2 Placed: 3rd
Creatures: 15 Spells: 8 Land: 17 Total: 40
Aura Gnarlid x 1
Beastbreaker of Bala Ged x 1
Daggerback Basilisk x 1
Leaf Arrow x 1
Might of the Masses x 1
Nema Siltlurker x 1
Ondu Giant x 1
Prey’s Vengeance x 2
Snake Umbra x 2
Stomper Cub x 1
Wildheart Invoker x 1

Kabira Vindicator x 1
Kor Line-Slinger x 2
Lone Missionary x 1
Makind Griffin x 1
Puncturing Light x 1
Repel the Darkness x 1

Hand of Emrakul x 2
Ulamog’s Crusher x 1

Ancient Stirrings x 1
Eland Umbra x 1
Gravity Well x 1
Kor Spiritdancer x 1
Lightmine Field x 1
Living Destiny x 2
Runed Servitor x 1
Skittering Invasion x 1
Sphinx-Bone Wand x 1
Stalwart Shield-Bearers x 1

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2 Responses to Magic: the Gathering Journal – My Very First Online ROE Draft Goes Well

  1. J Matz says:

    Thanks for posting another video. I’ve been drafting a little ROE myself and I think I can explain a couple things you mentioned.
    1) Leveling actually is pretty good. That training grounds card you got will reduce the cost of leveling by 2 mana to a minimum of 1, which suddenly allows you to level things 4 or 5 times on a single turn. I most often see blue-white for leveling decks.
    2) Those huge Eldrazi creatures only work in what they call a ramp deck, which utilizes cards like skittering invasion, joraga treehugger, etc. to get a huge mana base quickly.
    3) I also am naturally pulled toward green for drafting and my favorite build is with Aura Gnarlids and any auras you can pick up (Spider Umbra, Snake Umbra, Boar Umbra, etc.)

    • Bob@Gend20 says:

      J Matz, you sly devil. You’ve been holding out on me! Good to see you back in the thick of it and I’m sure going to draft you when I re-form The Plainswalkers. We need some good solid strategists like you. I’ll keep tinkering with “leveling” after you dropped a bomb on me with that Training Grounds bit I missed. I also thought the Gnarlid would be more of a use, but I just didn’t have what I thought were playable umbras compared to my other spells.

      …and that Guest Blogger spot is open, my friend. Just say the word.

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