Spellfury’s Travis Gordon on How Content is King

Spellfury half-elf Druinia is Julie O'Halloran IRL
Running for her life from a group of flying ghost-like demons, a beautiful half-elf is unsure if she’ll live to see the dawn. Using the magic within her is not enough to save her, but she has a hidden ally. A sword with mystical powers beckons to her, and she has no choice but to use it.

This is how the fantasy web series Spellfury begins, and from the moment that first ghost-demon comes on scene you wonder, “How did they pull this off?”

“They” are Ontario natives Travis Gordon begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting and his motley crew of friends and fellow gamers. Together they create every single element of the series with a combination of sweat, willpower, and passion.

I want to make it clear right now, that this is not a review of the series, because there’s no chance I can be objective about it. I love what Spellfury is all about, which is throwing caution (and financial security, and sleep) to the wind and dedicating yourself to something just because you fricking LOVE doing it. Full disclosure time: If you look closely at the credits for Spellfury, you see our own Nick Kumpula on there. Nick’s a hell of a graphic designer and did some work for them after striking up a casual conversation with Travis on Twitter. (What? You don’t follow us on Twitter? For shame!)

Not that Spellfury needs my help. Their success speaks for itself:
Their first episode has more than 200,000 hits on You Tube, and the entire series has nearly half a million hits.

Positive reviews on Wired.com, Tubefilter, and Ain’t it Cool News.
A distribution deal with Koldcast.tv.
Not to mention their line of merch.
When I finally got the chance to interview Travis I found him to be a very likable, casual guy, and so we just started chatting about how and where Spellfury got its start, what it takes to make even one short episode, and building a brand from the ground up.

NOTE: Due to the space limitations of YouTube, this interview is in several segments. You can see the rest of them on our YouTube Channel.

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